Wednesday, November 8, 2017

protest at pulwama 8th nov 2017

Srinagar, 8th november, 2017.
Jammu and Kashmir salvation movement leaders and activists including farooq Ahmed, Molvi Rashid, Imtiyaz kashmiri,Moulana sajad ahmed stage a peaceful protest at Drabgam shopian again the Indian oppression . On the occasion salvation movement leaders and activists raise high throat slogans in favour of Islam and freedom . Leaders reject Bilateral   dialogue and announcements and said that unless and until all three parties of the long pending kashmir dispute including India Pakistan and Hurriat leadership would not sit together and resolve the Kashmir issue according to the wishes of kashmiri people ,peace in sub continent will not prevail . 
Leaders said that  we are not against meaningful dialogue because it is political issue and should be resolved politically and peacefully.

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