Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Victims of Indian terrorism

I am detained at Kotbalwal Jail Jammu. On this auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitar please accept my heartiest Eid felicitations and convey the same to whole nation of Pakistan through your esteemed newspaper. I am aware about the recent natural calamity in Pakistan and I am shocked at the trauma and devastation wrought by the recent floods in Pakistan. I wish to express my solidarity with all those who have suffered loss of life and livelihoods.

I know that lakhs of Pakistanis are rendered homeless due to this flood and are celebrating this Eid in a miserable condition. I wish to assure you that kashmiri people living all across the world, are with you at this time of pain and suffering. I appeal to Kashmiri International Diasphora and all those Kashmiris living around the globe to play their leading role and help the flood affectees generousely. I am thankful to you on the pivotal role played by your daily for last 20 years for the projection of popular freedom struggle of Jammu & Kashmir. It was because of the continuous coverage in your newspaper and other Pakistani print as well as electronic media that Kashmir Issue was highlighted in the whole world community and it got central focus in various international forums. Indeed Pakistan was playing role of real advocate of Kashmiris at international level.

But I am sorry to say that Pakistani media could not project the 2008 uprising in Kashmir on land row and Israeli type settlements of Hindu pockets in the name of Amaranth Shrine Board. In that uprising hundreds of Kashmiris have embraced martyrdom and got world attention but unfortunately Pak media could not play the proper role. Same is the case in recent uprising in which India is busy in systematic genocide of Kashmiris and innocent youth are being butchered on daily basis and due coverage is not given in Pak media.

One aspect of this letter is to remind you the responsibility which Pakistan has in case of Kashmir. The movement has now entered the decisive phase and at this time people of Kashmir need your due support. India has left no stone unturned to crush the current freedom struggle and more than one lac people are martyred in last 2 decades. Indian forces are busy in killing the people of Kashmir since her occupation but I want to draw your attention towards the recent killing spree in Kashmir. Recently people came on roads to protest against the Indian illegal occupation in Kashmir and launched the peaceful,” Quit Kashmir Movement” but Indian ruthless forces fired bullets on them which resulted in the killing of 68 innocent Kashmiris from 8-year-old boy to 80 year old man in last two months.

Hundreds of Kashmiris have been arrested including me, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Naeem Ahmed Khan, Syed Ali Geelani, Muhammad Yasin Malik during recent uprising. The trigger happy forces are busy in killing the innocent people of kashmir. They are not accountable to anyone and complete lawlessness is witnessed through out the Valley. I appeal to the international community through your esteemed News Paper to come forward and pressurise India to stop unabated killings in Kashmir, repeal draconian